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JOTAB╩JOTA - Founded in Oporto in 1982, currently has its headquarters (Office/ Warehouse) in Leša do Balio - Matosinhos (Porto), a subsidiary in CovilhŃ, a representative office in Lisbon and a holding on "WASQUEHAL" - France offering to all clients the whole range of services necessary to their trade, especially international trade.

Transportation by land, sea and air, seeking always the most appropriated methods to the need of customers, in terms of the costs, customs clearance (import and export), storage, distribution and removal.
Able to provide special services such as transport of hung garments, express, advice for special loads such as machinery, vehicles and others, monitoring inspections such as may be necessary and/ or obligatory, carried out in our facilities or at the customer's premises.

Agents in all the key countries in which we operate are part of our service to your company.

The EXPORT GUARANTEE WAREHOUSE, at our headquarters, allows us to provide the services required for exportation to destinations outside the EU, with a main focus on goods to Africa (we now regularly operate with Angola and Guinea Conakry), where we use to ship complete or assorted containers, goods in need of special handling, OPEN TOP, FLAT, PLATFORM, and RO-RO for vehicles and machinery.


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